The early days of Serendipity were lonely. None knew its impact on R&D, Projects and Daily Life


BSI-Indexes of The World, Countries & Cities, Companies, Projects of a company (or a person ) can be monitored just like the Stock Exchange Indexes. The higher the score the better it is to invest in it. One can easily deduct that each person contributes to the whole. It's all about generating Serendipity. And that is systematically possible since 27th of December 2014 with the Blue Sky Index











North Sea


Rain Forests

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Currently working on the following projects ( Prio 1 is Breda )

Middelburg Borsele Goes Bergen op Zoom Roosendaal Etten-Leur Breda Oosterhout Tilburg Eindhoven Venlo Roermond Sittard Heerlen Maastricht

All you need is Serendipity to make all your dreams come true, 100% sure. And the Blue Sky Index will generate the serendipity you need. So Sign Up

Serendipity in life

Discover how serendipity in life can be enhanced with BSI's innovative app. In a world where predictability often reigns, embracing the unexpected can lead to a richer, more fulfilling life. Our app opens doors to new possibilities, fostering serendipitous encounters and experiences. By integrating our technology into your daily routine, you'll find yourself stumbling upon life's hidden treasures more often.

Harness serendipity in your life for personal achievement

The Blue-Sky Index™ app shows you the way to get your serendipity in your life every day. Delve deeper into how our BSI-app amplifies serendipity in your life, guiding you towards strategies for achievement. This tool is more than just an app; it's a compass for success training, steering you towards opportunities you never knew existed. Through its intuitive design, it enhances your ability to encounter serendipitous moments, contributing significantly to your journey of personal growth. These unexpected discoveries are not just happy accidents; they're steppingstones to personal and professional development, shaped by your unique life path. But there's is one rule for using this app and that is: Never judge yourself, another or the past. The starting point is each day is a new day for reaching your goals and dreams.

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Don't wait for life's surprises to find you; download our BSI-app and sign up to actively engage in your own serendipity. This isn't just about finding joy in the unplanned; it's about training yourself to thrive in a world of endless possibilities. Our BSI-app isn't just a tool; it's a gateway to well-being training, equipping you with the mindset to recognize and seize the serendipitous opportunities that surround you. Join our community of explorers who have found success, joy, and personal growth through the unexpected with more serendipity in their life. Your journey towards a more serendipitous life starts here.